Our Story

Daniel Greenall M.D

Break from the norm · Champion Originality · Demand authenticity

Ohm Boy E-Liquids was born in late 2017 to create innovative and unique flavours for people like us, a  small team of vaping enthusiasts, who just love the hobby.

Our journey started with 3 flavours in the ‘Origins’ range (‘Volume I’) that pushed boundaries and challenged perceptions. The flavours quickly gained attention beyond our local market, for their originality and mind-boggling taste.

Just over a year later, Ohm Boy won the ‘Best Drink flavour’ award for Lightspeed Lemonade (Raspberry, Mango Lemonade) and 3rd place for ‘Best Up-and-coming Brand’ at the 2018 Vaper Expo as well as the ‘Best Breakfast flavour’ award for Cosmic Coffee (Caramel Latte on Ice) at the Vape Scandinavia Expo after the flavour picked up a cult following in Sweden.

Spurred on by the fantastic feedback, In 2018 we changed direction and created the delicate, sophisticated and down right exquisite ‘Botanics’ range (Volume II’) of fruit pairings. A range that raised the bar for realism in fruit flavours that is still to be matched and created a new genre in the process.

Since then we have continued to innovate and explore new directions with the limited release of ‘In The lab’ and the spin-off ice range of rhubarb flavours ‘Volume III’ as well as creating other brands including Mr Spritz, Flavour Treats and the Active Vape Co.

We are very grateful to have the opportunity to keep doing what we love and that is down to you as a customer, fan, follower and friend. Thank you for the love and make sure you join our community online. Our ethos for the future is nothing less than to ‘change the game’. 

Ohm Boy. For the vapers

Our Products

All of our E-Liquids are designed and manufactured in the UK using only the finest ingredients and meet European standards on product and packaging safety, emission and toxicity reports.

Our flavours go through months of meticulous development, testing and revisions and do not get released unless we can verify them as ‘all day vapes’.